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IFF DOC File Format updated:2013-02-14 12:45:32
This is the documentation for PageStream's main file formats. Included is IFF CTXT, the basic text format; IFF ILUS, the object format (which can have IFF CTXT embedded); and IFF DOC, the document format (which can have IFF CTXT and IFF ILUS embedded). IFFDOC.txt

Installing PageStream updated:2010-12-16 13:12:45 last comment:2012-09-05 10:50:45
Just started this new section, so don't get too worried about the content. The readme files still contain the information you need, but that information will be condensed to here as time permits. Windows: To install PageStream for Windows, copy the contents of the archive into a folder of your choice and run the PageStream executable. It is recommended that...

Copying and Pasting Text updated:2006-07-20 15:55:19 last comment:2012-02-06 12:26:27
When you need to copy, move or delete text in your document, you can cut or copy a selected range of text. PageStream stores cut or copied text on the clipboard. Text on the clipboard can then be pasted elsewhere in the same document, in another document, or in another application. You can remove selected text and store it on the clipboard with the Cut...

Spell Checking updated:2006-10-10 17:46:11 last comment:2012-02-06 12:15:46
PageStream can check the spelling of the whole document. It compares your words against those in a dictionary and alerts you when it finds words that are either misspelled or unknown. When it checks the spelling, PageStream will automatically choose the correct dictionary for the words it checks, based on what language has been chosen with the Language...

GetControlAttr updated:2006-09-14 09:45:52 last comment:2011-01-18 10:34:39
Gets the {...} . data = GetControlAttr (reqh, ctrlid, attr) Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: AlertRequester, AppendListString, CloseResource, CreateLanguageEngineList, CreateList, CreateRequester, DoLanguageEngineFormatDate, DoLanguageEngineLocalizeString, DoRequester, FreeLanguageEngineList, FreeList, FreeRequester, GetCmdStringFromCoord,...

Front Page updated:2011-01-10 20:05:19
var curslideindex, nextslideindex, curslidex, slidert, slidecount, sliderw = 818, sliderh = 230; function sliderLoad() { var buttondiv, buttonimg, rootdiv, slideimg, slideimgs; var w, h, n; curslideindex = 0; curslidex = 0; slidecount = 0; if ((rootdiv = document.getElementById('slider'))) { slideimgs = rootdiv.getElementsByTagName('img'); ...

Jumplines updated:2010-12-11 20:01:32
When creating a document with several articles spanning multiple pages, it is often desirable to tell users which page to find the next frame of text to an article. This is called a jumpline. Click just above (or below) the text frame. Type "Continued on page " Choose Type->Insert->Next Frame Page # (if you want to set a custom page number...

Aligning Multiple Columns of Text updated:2010-12-11 14:00:24
When designing a page with more than one column of text, it is a common goal to get each line of text to line up vertically with the text in adjoining columns. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to align the tops of each column and to make the leading and point sizes the same for all the text. Unfortunately that creates unreasonable restrictions on the...

Buy Now updated:2010-12-03 21:33:55
[title]Buy Now[/title] Please note: Orders placed must first be entered in our database by our sales staff before you receive download details, registration number(s) and product activation code(s). This usually occurs on the next business day. Shipping: We here at GrasshopperLLC are continually trying to improve our products, and an ever updated program...

In Your Country updated:2010-11-18 17:49:23
PageStream has always been sold and serviced internationally by us directly, but in many countries you may also purchase locally from businesses that speak your language! Germany: In Germany and neighboring German speaking countries: Alinea Computer Ricco Clemens & Simon Neumann GbR Softwareentwicklung und Vertrieb für Amiga-Computer, Webdesign und...

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