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Projects - ffmpeg Blackmagic Decklink Module updated:2020-03-02 15:56:59
[title]ffmpeg Blackmagic Decklink Module[/title]

Projects - Blumark Laboratories Web Site updated:2020-03-02 15:55:16
[title]Blumark Laboratories Web Site[/title]

Projects - Speach-To-Text Closed Caption Generation updated:2020-03-02 15:54:27
[title]Speach-To-Text Closed Caption Generation[/title]

Projects - Over-The-Air Stream Originator updated:2020-03-02 14:58:52
[title]Over-The-Air Stream Originator[/title]

Projects - EAS Transceiver updated:2020-03-02 14:44:31
[title]EAS Transceiver[/title]

Projects - Secure FTP Server updated:2020-03-02 14:42:48
[title]Secure FTP Server[/title]

Projects - PageStream updated:2020-03-02 14:41:45

Projects - DEM updated:2020-03-02 09:10:08
[title]DEM[/title] The DEM is the master controller interface for a host of TV stations in Florida and Boston. Here a list of video hosted on the US Media Vault site is organized and can be added the the daily schedule. Place holders for live satellite feeds and Internet based streams can also be added. Incoming Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Common...

Front Page updated:2020-02-24 07:46:22
[title]Welcome![/title] The development team at GrasshopperLLC welcomes you to the new forums! All of the Yahoo archives (which included content from the Groups archive from before Yahoo) should now be available here. This site is the meeting place for PageStream users. A place to talk about PageStream, typography, and design. Share PageStream documents,...

Table of Contents updated:2019-12-24 11:48:31
[subhead]Getting Started[/subhead] Exploring PageStream The Navigator Creating a New Document Opening a Document Saving a Document The PageStream Screen Using Objects Introduction Drawing Shapes and Paths Drawing Text Frames and Tables Importing Graphics Selecting Objects Moving and Resizing Objects Using Text Creating Text Frames...

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